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1. Target of Research

Transportation is necessary in our daily life and economic activities for the movement of people and goods. Many transportation problems, such as Traffic congestion, insufficient public transportation system capacities, management of Transportation facilities for efficient movement of people and goods etc., are increasing these days. To solve these problems for a better life, we need to analyze the actual phenomenon then make a plan based on the investigation. From the lessons learnt from past, and concerning the present and possible future problems, it is challenging to set research themes from the traffic engineering and transportation planning points of view, and finally recommend the transportation systems that are useful for everyone.

2. Research Theme

The Transportation and Urban Engineering Research Group (TUE@YNU) conducts research on various areas such as movements of people and goods, various transportation modes, various transportation facilities as well as the integration of transportation planning with urban planning. The researches in our laboratory are dealt under the point of view of traffic engineering and urban transportation planning. We also investigate international progressive approach of transportation policy or urban planning.

The main research areas are as follows:

-Traffic capacity analysis

-Public transportation management

-Transportation demand management

-Travel behavior study

-Relation between city planning and transportation planning

-Methodology of urban transportation analysis and investigation

-Traffic accidents



-Transfer behavior at the node

Note: For more detail, please refer to RESEARCH or ALUMNI

3. Research Seminar

TUE@YNU exposes students to the various coursework and researches on various urban transportation issues and problems providing broad knowledge of transportation on its engineering, economic and social aspects. Studentís individual researches are progressed through individual discussion with professors as well as regular laboratory seminars. Students report on research theme, the research progress, methodologies, concrete data and analysis results etc on those regular intra-laboratory seminars.

4. Others

It is study unit which organizes various activities such as workshop, seminars, the joint seminars with other Universities, and various study tours in various domestic areas as well as foreign countries frequently. During summer vacation, whole laboratory members spend several days on field visit which is more or less like study CAMPING. Several parties such as Welcome Party to new students, Farewell party to graduating students, Semester End party, Year End party, New Year party etc. are also held for improving the interpersonal communication among student and staff in their daily life activities.


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