Special International Program for Urban Infrastructure Engineering in Developing Countries
Civil Engineering Research Groups
Group 1 (Structural) Group 1 (Structural) Group 4 (Transportation and Urban) Group 4 (Transportation and Urban)
Structural Engineering, Wind Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Bridge Aerodynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Bridge Monitoring (more...) Urban Transportation Planning,, Public Transportation Planning, Transportation Planning in Developing Countries, Infrastructure Planning Study (more...)
Group 2 (Hydrodynamics) Group 2 (Estuarine and Coastal) Group 5 (Hybrid Structure) Group 5 (Concrete)
Environmental Processes in Estuarine,
Coastal and Inland Waters, Coastal Engineering, Coastal Hazard, Integrated Modeling and Forecasting, Coastal processes, Sediment Transport (more...)
Structural Mechanics, Concrete Engineering, Computational Mechanics, Maintenance Engineering (more...)
Group 3 (Geotechnical) Group 3 (Geotechnical)    
Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Engineering, Engineering Geology (more...)  

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