Message From Prof.Katsuchi

Our laboratory started with the action of wind on long span bridges and wind-resistant structural design as the basic research themes, and has been working on theoretical construction, technological development, and human resource development related to bridge aeroelasticity. After that, not only aerodynamic problems and dynamic problems, but also typhoon simulation, earthquake resistance, load bearing capacity.
We have expanded our research area to a wide range of structural engineering fields such as typhoon simulation, earthquake resistance, joining,load bearing capacity, damage prediction, monitoring, and management.
We are also conducting international cooperation centered on the bridge field.
Our country has reached a mature society. So, it is said that structures are in the age of maintenance , but technology for maintenance is always with the technology for construction.
We would like to continue our research activities at the university so that we can lead the society by developing our research with free ideas as we are observing the demands of society.

Katsuchi Hiroshi


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Seminar held by a professor from the University of California, Los Angeles
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Graduation Ceremony
We participated in the Asia Bridge Competition 2023 held in Bangkok as a team of Yokohama National University!
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