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List of dissertations/thesis titles for bachelor and master students from the year 2005-2009 is as under. The following topics were the main focus of research during this period.

Publication Year Degree Dissertation/Thesis Title Supervisor Student
2005.3 Bachelor Expansion Properties and Deformability in Tension of Expansive Concrete with Low Heat Cement Hosoda Akira Yamaki Daisuke
2005.3 Bachelor Effects of Synthetic Short Fiber on Hardening Concrete Hosoda Akira Takanashi Daisuke
2005.3 Bachelor Multi-linear Hereditary Model of Reinforced Concrete Member Considering Effect of Axial Load Tsubaki Tatsuya Konno Takuya
2005.3 Bachelor Properties of Expansive Concrete Considering Effects of Anchorage and Multi-directional Restraint Hosoda Akira Kano Syuu
2005.3 Master Pull-out Test of Mechanical Anchor with Acrylic Resin for Preventing Spalling of Concrete Blocks in Tunnels Hosoda Akira Ichihara
2005.3 Master Bond Properties between Extraordinarily Set-Retarded Mortar and PC Tendons Hosoda Akira Kasae Hiromiti
2006.3 Bachelor Effect of Bad Anchorage of Main Re-bars on Shear Behavior of Deep Beams Hosoda Akira Okuno Keiichi
2006.3 Bachelor Plastic Shrinkage Crack Controlling Mechanism of Synthetic Short Fiber Hosoda Akira Wabiko Satoshi
2006.3 Bachelor Evaluation of moisture state and curing on waterproof performance of water barrier penetrants Hosoda Akira Yuzu Rio
2006.3 Bachelor Improvement of Crack Resistance of Expansive Concrete due to Drying Shrinkage Hosoda Akira Shirakawa Yasuyuki
2006.3 Master Experimental Study on Shrinkage Crack of Restrained Concrete with Synthetic Short Fiber Hosoda Akira Usui Tomoko
2006.3 Master Evaluation of Damage of Blast-Furnace Slag Concrete under High Temperature History Hosoda Akira Aoki Chisato
2007.3 Bachelor Effects of restraining reinforcement for expansion on crack Self-Healing Concrete Hosoda Akira Ishiwata Hirotsugu
2007.3 Bachelor Study on corrosion of reinforcement of RC members subjected tp cyclic loading Tsubaki Tatsuya Igarashi Yuu
2007.3 Bachelor Effects of Aggregate on Strength of Concrete Using Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag Hosoda Akira Aizawa Kenta
2007.3 Bachelor Study Analysis Method for RC Frame Structure Using Zooming Method Hosoda Akira Saruyama Takayuki
2007.3 Bachelor Study on Temperature Matched Curing System for Temperature History with Rapid Decrease Tsubaki Tatsuya Nakagawa Keisuke
2007.3 Bachelor Evaluation Method for Water Proof Performance in Actual Structures with Water Barrier Penetrants Hosoda Akira Ishikawa Maho
2007.3 Master Deformation and Strength of Cementations Material with High Void Content Tatsuya Tsubaki Arai Hirohumi
2007.3 Master Controlling of Autogenous Shrinkage and Delaying Setting by Small Amount of Synthetic Short Fiber Hosoda Akira Takagi Ryoichi
2007.3 Master Effects of curing conditions and expansion on Crack Self Healing Concrete Hosoda Akira Hirano Katsuhiko
2007.3 Master Pseudo-Dynamic Loading Test for 2-Dimentional RC Frame Structure Using Partial Specimens Tatsuya Tsubaki Sasaki Takuma
2007.3 Master Effects of Water Content, Age and Microstructure of Concrete on Waterproof Performance of Water Barrier Penetrants Hosoda Akira Konno Takuya
2007.3 Master Analytical Study for Structural Behavior of RC Beam with Deteriorated Anchorage of Main Reinforcement Hosoda Akira Ogura Hirotaka
2007.3 Master Evaluation of Damage of Blast-Furnace Slag Concrete by Acoustic Emission Method Hosoda Akira Hujiwara Kouichi
2007.3 Master Mitigation of Damage in Slag Concrete with Low Water-Binder Ratio by Using Expansive Additive Hosoda Akira Kodama Akihiro
2008.3 Bachelor Maximum Force Estimation by Shear Crack Width of RC Columns with Cut-off Reinforcement Tsubaki Tatsuya Oonishi Jun
2008.3 Bachelor Effect of Small Amount of Synthetic Short Fiber on Restraining Plastic Shrinkage under Water Loss due to Drying Hosoda Akira Sato Takanori
2008.3 Bachelor Effects of Interface of Coarse Aggregate on Strength Properties of Slag Concrete with Low Water to Binder Ratio Hosoda Akira Nisio Yuusuke
2008.3 Bachelor Depth and Water proof Effect of Saline Type Water Barrier Penetrants in Low W/C Concrete Tsubaki Tatsuya Kaneko Hiroshi
2008.3 Bachelor Evaluation of Healing Property of Concrete Cracks with Water Passing Through it Hosoda Akira Komatsu Satoshi
2008.3 Bachelor Influence of voids in between concrete and reinforcing bars on steel corrosion Hosoda Akira Hagiwara Kazuki
2008.3 Master Optimum Interface Properties of Anchor Bars Used in RC Jacketing Method Tsubaki Tatsuya Wabiko Satoshi
2008.3 Master Effect of Stirrups on Deep Beam with Deteriorated Anchorage of Main Reinforcement Hosoda Akira Yuzu Rio
2009.3 Bachelor Influence of cyclic load on reinforcement corrosion and crack shape Tsubaki Tatsuya Yoshida Kayo
2009.3 Bachelor Development of Polypropylene Fiber to Control Plastic Shrinkage Crack Hosoda Akira Sadatsuki Yoshitomo
2009.3 Bachelor Effect of Lightweight Fine Aggregate on Controlling Autogenous Shrinkage of Concrete Subjected to Steam Curing Hosoda Akira Takahashi Tomoaki
2009.3 Bachelor Evaluation of Degradation due to Ultraviolet Ray of Saline Type Water Barrier Penetrants Hosoda Akira Yoshida Sachiko
2009.3 Bachelor Evaluation of air permeability on surface concrete with micro crack Hosoda Akira Huruya Hidehiko
2009.3 Bachelor Evaluation Method of Strength and Displacement of RC Frame with Masonry Wall by Strut Model. Tsubaki Tatsuya Kohiyama Takashi
2009.3 Master Enhancement of Deformability of High-Void-Content Cementations Materials Tsubaki Tatsuya Tamaoki Hisaya
2009.3 Master Crack resistance of Restrained Blast-furnace Slag Concrete Subjected to High temperature History Hosoda Akira Ishiwata Hirotsugu
2009.3 Bachelor Optimum Mechanical Properties of in-filled Material Layer for Post-installed Anchor >Tsubaki Tatsuya Matsuda Satomi


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