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Concrete Laboratory has three staff members Professor Tatsuya Tsubaki, Associate Professor Akira Hosoda and Research Associate Kazuhiko Hayashi. There are a total of 30 students including Japanese and Foreign students currently studying in the concrete laboratory at undergraduate and graduate levels. Concrete Laboratory has more than 300 alumni from working in various professional disciplines thought out the world.

The main research topics of the concrete laboratory are as follows.

  • Concrete Engineering
  • Concrete Structure
  • Composite Structure
  • Numerical Structural Analysis
  • Construction Materials
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Seismic Design
  • Seismic Reinforcement
  • Durability Design

The environment of the laboratory is very favorable for learning and special very fruitful for personality development and task management. Students are given various practical challenges also the study is combined with practical and recreation field trip.

View from the Concrete Laboratory in Spring

Every year WELCOME PARTY is held in April (at the start of the academic year) to welcome the new students. This year the welcome party was held on the 8th of April, 2010.To see the photographs of the welcome party 2010, click here.

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