Doctor program

Name Graduation year Nationality Thesis title
Taheri Abbas 2008 Iran Study on Shear Strength and Deformability Properties of Rock Mass by In-situ and Laboratory Testing Method
Le Vinh Ba 2001 Vietnam Study on the Aplication of Vacuum Preloading Method with Vertical Drain to Construction on very Thick and Soft Clay Ground
Lohani Tara Nidhi 2000 Small Strain Shear Modulus of Fine-Grain Soils in One-Dementional Test Using Bender Element


Master program

Name Graduation year Nationality Thesis title
Yuichi Tanaka March/2010
Koge March/2010    
Akiho IKUTA March/2009 Japan Estimation of geophysical properties of ground using induced polarization method
Tutomu KIMURA  March/2009 Japan Experimental study on bottom vacuum application to dredged mud of high water content
Asumi SATO March/2009 Japan Experimental study on undisturbed sampling of sandy ground 
Hinako NAKAMURA March/2009 Japan Vegetation characteristics and absorption -elution characteristics of chemical components in improved ground with PS ashes
Shuhei MOROOKA March/2009 Japan Creep deformetion characteristics of Yokohama alluvial clayey soils
Yasuo YAMAGUCHI March/2009 Japan Examination of applicability of huge soil bag method for mitigation erosion by waves
Kayo TAKEDA 2008 Japan FEM analysis for heating test in sedimentary soft rock cavern
Moeko KAWAGUCHI 2008 Japan Experimantal study on characteristics of clogging and peameability
Atsushi KAWAMURA 2008 Japan Experimental study on leaching characteristics of fuorine from soils with paper sludge ashes
Cam Huy HUYNH 2008 Vietnam Investigation of physical characteristics chemical composition of sedimentary mud in water supply pond without clastics deposit and experimental study on processing technology
Ayako OHTA  2007 Japan Mechanical charactaristics of undisturbed heterogeneous gravel obtained by polymer sampling
Yuko KOMATSU 2007 Japan Experimental study on characteristics of permiablity and clogging of biosolidsflow in ground
Yuji MIHO 2007 Japan Applicability of elastic wave tomography for evaluation of decomposition process of methane
Kazutoshi WAKAO 2007 Japan Experimental study on permiablity characteristics of clay in contact with solid boundary
Yuichiro ARAKAKI 2006 Japan Experimantal study on consolidation-shear behavior of cemented clays
Takafumi IKENOYA 2006 Japan Fundamental study on new method for in-situ downhole triaxial test test using ring core type LVDT
Kenko SHIBATA 2006 Japan Nmerical study on effect of strain rate for prediction consolidation 
Takayuki FUSHIMI 2006 Japan Experimental study on fracture pattern in rock mass overlying strike-slip fault
Tomoyuki YAMAGUCHI 2006 Japan Experimental study on flow characteristic of suspended particles through coarse particles
Yusuke KATO 2005 Japan Fundamental investigation on improvement of mud soil with re-incinerated paper sludge ash
Shigeru SOBUKAWA 2005 Japan Study on improvement of in-situ Triaxial test on rock mass
Tomohiro ISHIKAWA 2004 Japan Study on the mechanical properties of soils with methan hydrate by triaxial test
Takayuki KAWAI 2004 Japan Experimental study on consolidation oroperties of clay with highly-developed structure
Nobuko KURITA 2004 Japan Fundamental study on friability and separability of sediment bearing methan hydrate
Toshio KURUMURA 2004 Japan Experimental study on consolidation oroperties of clay with highly-developed structure by use of stress relaxation tests
Kohei NAKAZONO 2004 Japan Study on prediction of consolidation using numerical sitmulation based on visco-elastic model
Tatsuya WAGATUMA 2004 Japan An experimental study  impermeability of liner constructed

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