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Division of Civil Engineering
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Division of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Marine Technology


The Faculty of Engineering was reorganized in 1985, when the Division was established combining three existing departments, The Departments of (a) Civil Engineering, (b) Architecture and Building Science, and (c) Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, each of which had its own history, educational system and facilities. The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1978 and has since awarded approximately 600 bachelor's degrees. The Department of Architecture and Building Science was established in 1926 as a department of Yokohama Institute of Technology and has produced approximately 3,000 graduates. The Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering was founded in 1929, also as a department of Yokohama institute of Technology, and has more than 2,400 graduates.

The majority of the graduates have played leading roles in various fields of civil engineering, architecture, shipbuilding and aeronautical engineering. In addition to the above three departments, a new department, the Department of Regional, Urban and Environmental Planning, was created in 1985. The faculty members of the Division were officially reorganized into the four departments for research activities. The Division has currently forty faculty members in total. The teaching staff also includes research associates, technicians, practical engineers and architects. The Division provides three independent educational courses corresponding to the former three departments. A total of about 700 undergraduate students are enrolled in the Division: approximately 25 percent in civil Engineering, 50 percent in Architecture and Building Science and 25 percent in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

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