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Japanese Language Class


Japanese Language Class

Though the Japanese language proficiency is not required for study and research purpose in the department of civil engineering, the abilities in daily use Japanese language will help student to carry out daily activities such as travel, shopping, sightseeing etc. The department of civil engineering offer its own Japanese language courses focusing special need of student admitted to special graduate program in English. Generally, the international students belonging to department of civil engineering can attend these classes.

Japanese Language Instructor




Purpose of Course

  • Japanese language as well as Japanese culture, custom, and a way of thinking of Japanese people.

  • Helping foreign students to adjust their life in Japan smoothly.

  • Guide and instruct foreign students in any aspects such communicating with people in public offices, applying documents, seeing medical doctors, counseling if they have problems in their life.

  • Offer cross-cultural circumstances in our class, which is organized by students from various countries.

  • We can have a chance to share our problems and difficulties in our class.

Japanese Language Class


Courses Time

Basic I (continued from October 2009)

Monday and Friday

9:00 am to 11:00 am

Basic II (continued from October 2009)


11:00 am to 13:00 pm

Text Books :

GENKI I and GENKI II  including additional Handouts

Class Events


In June/July we have a speech meeting. All the students of the Basic II and I give a speech about their countries, culture and traditions or their experience in Japan.


This speech meeting is a good opportunity for Japanese students to know more about different countries, cultures and different ways of thinking.


We also have some parties like celebrating graduation, welcome party, spring party etc.

on these occasions we invite the students family. Within three years all of us Japanese and foreigners become like a big family !



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