Special International Program for Urban Infrastructure Engineering in Developing Countries

IT Service & Scientific Data Base

Academic Requirements

Course Structure

Japanese Language Class (日本語)

Basic Subjects

Infrastructural Planning
Advanced Coastal and Ocean Wave Mechanics
Disaster Prevention System
Advanced Structural Analysis in Civil Engineering

Major Subjects

Advanced Transportation Planning
Advanced Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Advanced Soil Mechanics
Advanced Theory of Structural Fluid Dynamics
Advanced Steel Structures
Advanced Structural Design
Advanced Concrete Structures
Advanced Concrete Engineering
Advanced Theory of Infrastructure System
Principles of Soil Mechanics I
Principles of Soil Mechanics II
Advanced Course on Maritime Environments
Advanced Fluid Dynamics
Advanced Earthquake Resistant Structures
Advanced Structural Dynamics
Advanced Planning Theory in Civil Engineering
Construction Projects
Advanced Course in Civil Engineering
Construction Management
Advanced Exercises in Civil Engineering
Advanced laboratory Work in Civil Engineering
Seminar in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Marine Technology
Teaching Practice in Civil Engineering, Architecture & Marine Technology
Off-Campus Exercise in Civil Engineering, Architecture & Marine Technology


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