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Campus Life & Additional Information

Accommodation System

Tutoring Service

All foreign students are provided with Japanese Student tutors for the first year of stay for the purpose of enabling international students to complete initial formalities to be completed upon arrival at Japan, helping them to adapt life in Japan and effectively progress their study and research at the University.

Alien Registration

Upon arrival in Japan, Student need to register with the ward office where they reside. To register, fill out the Alien Registration Application Form, and submit it to nearby ward office where student resides together with 2 recently taken photos (4.5 x 3.5cm) and your passport. Japanese Tutor provided by the department will help in the registration process. It takes around 3 weeks to issue Alien Registration Card. Also, any changes in the address of residence or extension of stay should be notified within 14 days of the change or extension at new place of residence.

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National Health Insurance must be obtained in case you get ill or injured. Japanese Tutor provided by the department will help in the registration process. Also, it is possible to find out more about the contents of these insurance plans at the International Student Centre office.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar provides information on yearly activities in the university, university routines, public holidays, university vacations etc.

Academic Calendar Please click HERE.

Sign for scholarships

Students receiving government scholarships are required to come to the International Student Centre office and sign their name at the beginning of each month. Failure to sign by designated date may result in no payment for that month.


Learning Japanese Language

Though the Japanese language proficiency is not required for study and research purpose in the department of civil engineering, the abilities in daily use Japanese language will help student to carry out daily activities such as travel, shopping, sightseeing etc. The department of civil engineering offer its own Japanese language courses focusing special need of student admitted to special graduate program in English. Generally, the international students belonging to department of civil engineering can attend these classes. For more information, please contact the department. 

Similarly, International Student Centre of Yokohama National University also provides a range of Japanese language programs from general to advance fulfilling the needs of international students. These classes are open to all international students admitted to the university. Please contact the International Student Centre of Yokohama National University

Also, it is possible to study Japanese off-campus through several volunteer groups. The place for study may be decided based upon mutual understanding between students and volunteer teacher. Interested student can also obtain information on the notice board of International Student Centre.


University Facilities
University Libraries

University has main library as well as independent libraries of the school of engineering, the faculty of Business Administration, and the Faculty of Economics. Student Id card is necessary while entering the library or borrowing books. Graduate students can borrow up to 15 books for a period of 2 months.

Opening Hours

Weekdays (Normal School days)

9:00 am to 9:45 pm

Saturday, Sunday, and public Holidays (Normal School days)

9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Weekdays (Winter, Spring & Summer Vacations)

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday, and public Holidays

(Winter, Spring & Summer Vacations)


University Co-op & Restaurants

The Co-op is located in the University Hall and books, stationery, travel tickets and everyday products can be purchased here. On the second floor of the Hall is a cafeteria and on the third floor is a restaurant. The building next to the University Hall also has a cafeteria and a shop that sells boxed lunches, drinks, and hamburgers. The Co-op and cafeteria located in front of civil engineering building is convenient for civil engineering students.

Computer Facilities

Each graduate student of civil engineering department has provided with own computer for exclusive use. Also, International students can also use computers in the library, the Information Processing Centre, and the International Student Centre .

Health Service Centre

Biannual regular Health examinations, advice on physical and mental health, appointments for check up, treatment for sudden injuries and illnesses etc are performed here. Also, health service centre also issue health certificate upon request.

Use of sports fields and sports equipment

Please have your student identification card and apply at the Student Welfare Division


University issues variety of certifications and documents depicting the student's status in the university depending on the purpose. The Certificate of Enrolment, Certificate of Academic Records and Certification for Discounted Trip Ticket etc can be printed at the automatic certificate machine (ACM), located in Student Affairs Bureau as well as Administration office of School of Engineering. However, only Japanese version is available at this machine, and student need to apply at office of School of Engineering for English version. Also, Certification for daily commuting by public transportation can be obtained from Student Affairs Bureau upon application.


Dormitories /Apartments

The department of civil engineering will help to find suitable dormitory or apartment for new student under special graduate program in English. The Yokohama National University has two dormitories for international students, Minesawa International Student House and Yokohama National University International Student House.

Minesawa International Student House is located at 5 minutes walking distance to the university where as Yokohama National University International Student House is at 3 minutes walk from Gumyoji station of Yokohama Municipal Subway.

Some of the other dormitories are the Resident Halls at the Tokyo International Exchange Centre, Odaiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture International Student Dormitory, (Fuchinobe, Shirane), Yokohama City's International Student Dormitory (15 minutes walk to JR Tsurumi station), and other company dormitories are also available. The interested international students need to check for announcements on the bulletin boards at the International Student Center.

The students can also stay in private apartment. Normally, a one room, one kitchen apartment will cost around \40,000~\60,000 Yen. However, the initial payment at the time of contract is 4 to 6 times the normal rent as student must pay fees, deposits, commissions and the first month's rent.

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Emergency Telephone Numbers

The toll free emergency telephone numbers are:


Telephone Number

Opening Hours


(reporting traffic accidents, crime, theft)


24 hours

Fire Department

(reporting fires, requesting an ambulance)


24 hours


  • Those number can be used all around the country, 24 hours a day and free of charges

  • Ambulances are free of charge

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